Latest JellyBam is now known as BAM-Rom

Latest JellyBam is now known as BAM-Rom

The last version for JellyBam is 10.3.0. There will not be any further JellyBAM version such as 10.4.0 or 10.5.0. Now the JellyBAM is known as BAM-Rom or BAM-Android.

JellyBAM 10.3.0
JellyBAM 10.3.0

I was using JellyBam 10.3.0 (or in fact, 10.x.x version)  on my Samsung Galaxy Note N700. It was very unstable, it crash/reboot from time to time especially when using Waze and Camera. The battery energy consumption also very poor. It

Now the new version is under the name BAM-Rom or BAM-Android. I upgrade/flash it with BAM-Rom_v1.0.0-RC1_JellyBean and it seem to work better and lighter.



Althought now BAM-Rom still in  1.0.0-RC1 (base on Android 4.3 version) but BAM-Rom is  more stable compare to Jelly Bam 10.x.x. I strongly recommend the JellyBAM 10.x.x user to upgrade to BAM-Rom if you encounter stability issue on JellyBam also.

The new RC-2 version is going to release in these few days. Will update to 1.0.0-RC2 as soon as it released. According to, below are some of the new features in BAM-Rom 1.0.0-RC2.
– New Android base: 4.3.1
– Fixed an issue with default Paranoid Preferences for HDPI devices such as i9100
– Fixed screenshoot issue on certain devices
– Fixed many memory leaks on systemUI
– BAMControl: Added Gestures Anywhere from ChameleonOS
– New fixes and addition to active display
– Update proprietary files and device tree for every supported device
– Fixed and improved the translations of every app
– New PA Hybrid engine
– New 4G/LTE toggle
– Fix statusbar clock am/pm
– Fix for wifi connection between p2p and and GO devies
– Fix notifications shortcuts
– New supported devices by codename: captivatemtd, e970, e973, honami, n5110, ovation, p970, steelhead, u8860, venturi, vs920, ypg1


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