Extend Windows Server Partition Size without reformat

Extend Windows Server Partition Size without reformat

There are lot of case we need to addin more hard disk space for the server. Of course you have the option to create it as new partition/drive but it might not work certain application/data that must stick within the existing partition. Basically below are the steps to extend or resize the existing partition for Windows 2003 Server and above

  1. Insert the new harddisk into the server
  2. If currently using RAID1, you have to convert it to RAID5 in the RAID Management software (each brand of server will have different RAID management tool. e.g. HP Array Configuration Utility)
  3. If currently using RAID5, just extend RAID5 with new harddisk using RAID managment software. If might take up to 1 day depending on the size of harddisk and server speed.
  4. Extend the Logical Array with new free capacity in RAID Management software. This will take time as well.
  5. Use DiskPart which is available for Windows 2003 server and above. Run the following command in Dos/cmd prompt
DiskPart Disk Partitioning tool from Microsoft Windows 2003 server and above
List Volumes List the volumes/drive currently configured
Select Volume # Where # is the volume/drive gathered from the previous step
Extend Size=xxxx Where xxxx is the size in MB to grow volume. 1GB is 1024MB. If you use Extend without specifying the size, then it will use all the available free space



If you need perform more complicated hard disk managment task like shink or extend C: drive, you can try Parted Magic which come with GNU2 license.Just burn it into disc or USB drive and then boot it up. Personally I found the hardware (RAID/SCSI controller card) support is much more compare to certain commercial product.