Unable to change / remove Internet Explorer Search Povider

Unable to change / remove Internet Explorer Search Povider

Issue / problem:

Unable to change or remove the default Search Provider for Internet Explorer. It will not work even though you tried to modify or add-in new search provider from


Spyware or adware that modified the Search Provider and restricted the registry permission



1. Close the Internet Explorer

2. Run Regedit

3. Browse to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\SearchScopes key

4. Clear the value for DefaultScope

5. The system will not allow you to delete the key due to permission issue

6. Highlight registy key, select Edit – Permission from menu

7. Allow Everyone to have Full Control over the key

8. Try to clear the value again. You should be able to clear now.

9. Perform the similar task to the other SearchScope key. Reset the permission if fail to delete the key.

10. After edited registy, start Internet Explorer again. IE will prompt and auto-set the default search provider for you.

11. You can now add in other Search Provider from