How to update to IOS 5

IOS 5 update / upgrade

Apple IOS 5 was released and I can wait no more for the latest excitement from IOS5. A remarkable IOS revolution by Steve Jobs.

1. Make sure your IOS device is compatible with IOS 5. Below are the list of compatible IOS devices:
– iPhone 3GS
– iPhone 4
– iPhone 4S
– iPod touch 3rd generation
– iPod touch 4th generation
– iPad
– iPad 2

2. You must be running Apple iTunes 10.5 or latest. You can run the update for the iTunes software itself or download the latest iTunes from
3. The whole IOS5 update/upgrade process take up to 4 hours  for 16GB iPhone 3GS (with around 14GB of data) (excluded the Apple IOS 5 downloading time). Make sure you forward/divert your call to other phone number during the IOS 5 update process.
4. Make sure you IOS device is not 100% full in space. Recommended to have at least 1GB space left
5. In brief, the IOS 5 update prossess will
a.) backup your IOS device
b.) Install IOS 5 with factory setting
c.) Restore your device setting
d.) Restore your apps, video and music (This will take the longest period because it will download all the apps into your device)
e.) Configure IOS 5 in your IOS device (You can start performing this task as the the system restoring your apps in step #5d above)
f.) After iOS5 updated, make sure you update with latest apps because the latest apps are optimized / fine-tuned for iOS 5.


**  This might be the only and last time for uing iTunes because iCloud service allow you to synchoronize all the iOS device over the air **