Free Cloud Antivirus

Why we need free cloud antivirus?

1. It’s free (Pro/commercial version come with addition features)

2. Second layer of the antivirus protection

Why not more than one traditional antivirus?

It’s not recommended to install more than 1 traditional antivirus software in your PC because it might cause the computer slow down (because more of the traditional antivirus come with huge footprint that usitilize lot of system resources) and software conflict. I have even seem some case that even the simple virus cannot be delete because multiple antivirus try to hold the virus file at the same time.

My recommendation:

1. One traditional antivirus. You can easily get one commercially or free version. For example, Microsoft Security Essential that has be given out free from Microsoft (if you are using genuine Microsoft Windows Vista/7)

2. 2nd layer of protect with Cloud antivirus that have smaller footprint and hardware resources requirement.

Free Cloud Antivirus Software

Below are some of the list of the free cloud antivirus in the market.

Free Cloud Antivirus solution/brand website / download
Immunet Cloud Antivirus
Panda Cloud Antivirus
ThreatFire AntiVirus
Kingsoft Cloud Antivirus