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Recover Lotus Notes Archive to standard mail file

Recover Lotus Notes archive to standard mail file

All the Lotus Notes archive mail file look similar with the standard mail file because they are using the same mail template. You might need to use the archive mail file to replace the existing mail file in server for certain cases. However you will notice that the mail archive will have some limitation/restriction such as

1. Cannot rename the database/mailbox name. You will see the name  “Archive” in the mail file

Cannot rename mailbox

2. No archive action from the menu

No Archive Action


This is due the to parameters/values configured in the Archive Database Profile that will treat this database is archive file. You have to delete/modify the Archive Database Profile in order to revert/recover the Lotus Notes archive into standard mail.

Solution to Revert/Recover the Lotus Notes archive into standard mail file:

1. After open the archive mail file, select Create – Agent from the menu

Create agent

2. Give a name for the agent

agent name

3. Under Initialize sub routine, enter the following code:

Sub Initialize()

Dim session As New NotesSession
Dim db As NotesDatabase
Dim doc As NotesDocument
Set db=session.CurrentDatabase
Set doc=db.GetProfileDocument("archive database profile")
Call doc.remove(True)
If doc Is Nothing Then
MsgBox "Archive Database Profile document was successfully removed. Please restart the Lotus Notes client"
MsgBox "Profile Document WAS NOT Removed",48
End if

End Sub

remove archive database profile


4. After you saved the agent, you should be able to use the “revert archive to standard mail” (or whichever name you used to created the agent) agent from the Action menu

revert archive to standard mail action

5. Once you run the action/agent, a message will tell you the status and you have to restart the Lotus Notes client in for the view the result

6. After restarted the Lotus Notes client, you should be able to use the mail file as normal.

In case that you do not see the “Archive” action, then you have to refresh/replace the mail template.