Lotus Traveler

Lotus Traveler not sync after mail file restored

Lotus Traveler not sync after mail file restored.¬†You might encounterd that Lotus Traveler in iphone/ipad unable to synchronize with IBM Lotus Domino server after restored user’s mail file. Restart, removed and reinstall the mail profile in iphone/ipad would not help much.

Solution for Lotus Traveler to synchonize with Lotus Domino Server after mail file restored:

1. Remove the mail profile from iphone / ipad

2. Find the device IP associaed with the user by running the command below in Domino Console

tell traveler show <user name>

3. You will be able to get the “Device ID” associated with the user from the result in the the previous step.

4. Delete the device from Lotus Traveler by the command below in Domino Console:

tell traveler delete <device id> <user name>

Note: If user have few device associated, you have to perform the same task to delete all the device.

5. Reinstall the mail profile in iPhone/iPad

6. The mail will start coming in.