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How to repair Lotus Domino/Notes NSF file

How to repair IBM Lotus Domino/Notes NSF file

IBM Lotus Domino/Notes use NSF (Notes Storage Facility) file to storage the data together with the design. All the mail file in Lotus Domino/Notes is in *.nsf format. There are cases that these individual NSF file might get corrupted. Below are some of the example of corrupted nsf file message

Error compacting Mail *.nsf: Database is corrupt — Cannot allocate space

Cannot open NSF files

RRV bucket is corrupt


Repair the database while system is online

Run the following command in Domino Console one by one

dbcache flush
load compact [database] -C
load fixup [database] -F
load updall [database] -R -X

Repair the database with Lotus Domino shutdown

This is mainly for database that is always open and locked by Domino server or user access

1. Shutdown Lotus Domino server

2. Go to Lotus Domino installation folder

cd c:\Lotus\Domino

3. Run the repairing tasks

ncompact [database] -C
nfixup [database] -F
nupdall [database] -R -X

Notes: If the transaction log is enable, use with additional of “-J” switch for fixup and nfixup command